You do have the power to change your life with the all-new Soleve® Noninvasive Targeted Neurostimulation therapy.

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What does Noninvasive Targeted Neurostimulation (NTN) mean?

  • Noninvasive > miniature pulsing probes never even penetrate the skin's surface
  • Targeted > precisely maps low impedance areas for management of lower back pain
  • Neurostimulation > safe and concentrated electrical impulses stimulate the release of endorphins, your body's natural painkillers

What makes it different?

  • does not require any surgery
  • involves no drugs or steroids
  • more advanced than inexact manual electrodes

Why is it better?

  • developed solely for the symptomatic relief of chronic lower back pain
  • takes only a few minutes for a session
  • shown to be promising in as few as six sessions or less by 95% of patients*
  • works naturally by releasing your body's own endorphins


It's easy — plus painless, convenient and fast-acting:

It's highly-concentrated, multiphasic energy stimulates nerve endings in the lower back. This releases endogenous endorphins for effective back pain relief. The process for this treatment is simple:

    1. Start with a back pain consultation.
    2. If Soleve makes sense for you schedule an appointment. Call 352-750-1200
      or 352-365-1191.
    3. For your session, you'll just lie face down on the comfortable, padded surface.
    4. An array of miniature probes touch but never enter the skin's surface to determine the areas of low impedance.
    5. In just a few minutes, the electrical properties of hundreds of points on the lower
    6. back are acquired and analyzed.

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