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Visit your Chiropractor in The Villages for headache relief.

A surprising number of headaches are caused by contracted muscles and the inflammation of associated nerves in the neck. The neck itself is small relative to its importance. It is the exit point of the eight pairs of nerves that supply the head, neck, upper back, shoulders, arms and hands. Because the neck is a fragile area whose demands include holding upright a 10-15 pound head for 18-hour stretches, and because poor posture, stress and disuse cause the neck to be naturally prone to tension and stiffness, irritation of the nerves in the upper spine is disturbingly common. Once these nerves become irritated by inflamed neck muscles, pain and dizziness can result. If the nerve irritation goes untreated, pain conditions can become chronic, inviting persistent, recurring headaches, jaw and facial pain. Adjusting the upper spinal column helps to relieve tension, increase circulation and free the nerves trapped by stiffness and inflammation. Appropriate Chiropractic treatment in The Villages to help restore spinal function can not only treat, but help prevent future headache episodes.