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When to Seek Care

Most people know that Chiropractic therapy is typically the best solution to treat back pain, but many don't understand how other pain conditions can be effectively treated as well. Most head, body and limb pain that is not attributed to specific disease is caused by irritated or pinched nerves originating from the spinal cord. Once a nerve is inflamed, pressed or otherwise irritated, it sends signals along its nerve paths that can create pain, from minor to debilitating, in distant areas. For example, an irritated nerve at the top of the spine can cause serious headaches and/or pain in one's jaw; an inflamed nerve at the base of the spine can create pain in the hips, legs and even the feet.

While it is natural to expect some loss of body function with age, many conditions are wrongly attributed to simply being part of getting older and are therefore left ignored, when in fact they can be successfully treated.

In fact, almost all pain situations can be arrested, improved and in some cases cured by restoring normal function to the spinal column and its associated nerve paths through appropriate Chiropractic treatment and rehabilitative therapies.